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Accountants Desktop Features

Excel Templates

Get access to hundreds of Excel templates for tax, accounting and practice management calculations as well as our own unique JobPaper collection of workbooks which take the work out of workpapers.


Download dozens of checklists for practice workflow, job procedures and client communication.  Customise these Microsoft Word forms to suit the individual needs of your practice.


Browse through our comprehensive list of links to the ATO and other websites to quickly find technical reference material.


Find any tax rate or threshold you need in our comprehensive list of current and prior years rates.

ATO News

Keep up to date with, or search our list for, ATO emails circulated regularly to tax practitioners.  We focus on topics of interest to small and medium practices

Template Letters

Make use of our extensive range of templates for your outgoing emails and letters.  Letters are in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded and customised as necessary.

Why Use Accountants Desktop?

  • Reduce time spent on client work
  • Maintain or improve quality control
  • Consistency across your practice
  • Predictable and reliable outcomes
  • Guide new or inexperienced staff
  • Free up partner & manager time
  • “Flying start” for new practitioners
  • Broad range of resources to use
  • Timely updates to existing content
  • New content regularly added

Recent Updates

  • Hire Purchase Calculators (21 Apr 2024)

    All HP calculators are no longer date dependant and have been moved to Calculations/Financial.

    The journal worksheet in our HP schedules now includes a journal for acquisition of the asset.


  • FBT JobPapers for 2024 (10 Apr 2024)

    The 2024 version of our working paper file for FBT jobs is now available for download.  Updates to the calculator this year include –

    • Protection over all sheets has been minimised to include just our formulas and labels or text, giving you more flexibility in adding your own data or comments;
    • You can now import Excel or CSV data to any unprotected cell in this workbook with just a few clicks on that option in the Accountants menu, consistent with our other JobPaper files;
    • A new Table group in the Accountants menu now allows you to work better with our tables.  Options in this group include insert or delete multiple rows, sort columns and fill down data (the latter can also be performed outside tables);
    • Insert pictures, shapes, icons or screen shots in all sheets to make it easier for you to follow or review your work;
    • New items in the Tools menu group include clear formats and fit or reset column widths to allow more flexibility in managing your data; and
    • If you need help or would like to provide feedback, click on the Email Support button in the Tools group to open a new email using your default email program and our address and the exact file name/version will be inserted in your email.

    And just a reminder that this JobPaper can be used for all employer types (taxable, exempt or rebatable) and has worksheets to calculate all benefits to be shown on the FBT return form.

    You can access a video on this calculator at Main Menu/Videos or click on this link to view it on our YouTube channel.


  • Hire Purchase Calculators (2023 and later) (3 Feb 2024)

    With the exception of the Hire Purchase Summary and Hire Purchase Payout calculators, each calculator can now be used for any contract date on or before the year end of that calculator.  e.g. For a contract beginning on 15/02/19 you can now use the 2023 or 2024 calculator.  Previously you had to navigate back to the file for the financial year during which the contract began (2019 in our example).  The Journal worksheet now reconciles journals with the schedule.

    Calculations/2023 & 2024/Hire Purchase etc

  • Tax Planning 2024 New (25 Jan 2024)

    Our tax planning workbook for 2024 is now available for download.  With this calculator you can –

    1. Update YTD profit to include missing items and to exclude non P&L items.
    2. Project YTD profit to the end of the financial year using one of three options.
    3. Make tax reconciliation adjustments to that projected profit to calculate taxable/net income.
    4. Explore tax planning opportunities and calculate tax payable by all entities and individuals in the client group.
    5. Account for tax on deductible payments by client to associated entities or individuals.
    6. Account for contributions tax and Division 293 tax on deductible super contributions where applicable.
    7. For discretionary trusts, view the marginal tax rate for beneficiaries and income available at that rate.
    8. Calculate tax saved or deferred from tax planning.

    For a demonstration of this calculator in action go to the video on our YouTube channel.  Make sure that your quality setting in YouTube is HD.

    Calculations/2024/Tax Planning

  • BAS JobPapers 2024 Updated (19 Jan 2024)

    The formulas and protection have been removed from the opening balance cells in the reconciliation sections for GST and Payroll to enable use of this working paper part-way through the year and to allow the entry of an opening balance for clients with a quarterly cycle at the quarterly section (previously had to enter at the July sheet).

    Calculations/2024/JobPapers BAS

  • Rental Income Calculators - Updates (12 Jan 2024)

    This calculator has been updated to add an “Other” column for expenses paid directly by the owner rather than via their agent –

    Calculations/2023/Rental Income – Foreign

    These calculators have been updated to include descriptions for borrowing expenses, capital allowances, capital works (interest was already included) and when these amounts are added to the “Other” column, you can now reconcile net rent in our calculator with the clients’ rental income schedule on their return –

    Calculations/2023/Rental Income – Foreign
    Calculations/2023/Rental Income – Private Use
    Calculations/2023/Rental Income – Standard
    Calculations/2024/Rental Income – Private Use
    Calculations/2024/Rental Income – Standard

  • Effective Tax Rate – User Request (8 Jan 2024)

    Calculate the effective tax rate for your client group.  This calculator can be used for any year so you will find it under Financial Calculations.

    Calculations/Financial/Effective Tax Rate

  • Small Business Boosts – User Request (27 Oct 2023)

    Calculate the bonus deductions claimable under the Small Business Technology Investment Boost and the Small Business Skills & Training Boost.

    Calculations/2023/Small Business – Technology Boost and Small Business – Skills Boost

  • BAS - 2024 (6 Oct 2023)

    Just one file now and select the entity type at the dashboard.  New features include -

    • New reconciliations for GST, wages, PAYGW & super;
    • Import Excel worksheet or any user-selected range in that sheet; and
    • Draft copy of activity statements now produced.


  • Rental Income - Foreign (27 Aug 2023)

    Summarise rental income and expenses in a foreign currency and convert to AUD.  Add your own exchange rates for any country not listed.

    Calculations/2019 – 2023/Rental Income – Foreign

  • Lodgement Manager – Returns (2023) (21 Aug 2023)

    Take control of your ATO lodgements with this interactive lodgement dashboard.   Import your lodgement report from the ATO portal and a client report from your practice software to produce a dashboard showing –

    • your overall lodgement performance for the year to date;
    • the quantity and percentage of entity types that make up your client base;
    • your lodgement performance by entity type for the year to date;
    • current year lodgements by due dates showing the number due, the number already lodged and that percentage;
    • an estimate of your 85% on-time lodgment requirements for future dates; and
    • a lodgement summary for the prior 3 years showing clients with all 3 years outstanding, clients with the immediate 2 years outstanding, clients with just 1 prior year outstanding and the balance with no outstanding lodgements.

    Using our new practice import wizard, import up to 3 levels of reporting data for each client from your practice software.  Reporting levels may include Accountants, Partners, Office Locations or whatever you need.

    These are just 3 examples of the questions that this lodgement manager can answer for you instantly –

    1. From a list of staff responsible for lodging returns, how do they rank and which of those staff members are behind and need help;
    2. How many company returns need to be lodged by your Sydney office by 31 October and who are the staff members responsible for lodging; and
    3. How many clients have not lodged all of their 3 prior year returns.

    Calculations/2023/Lodgment Manager – Returns

  • Working papers for individual returns for a client and their partner (2023) (4 Aug 2023)

    This new addition to our JobPaper collection has been requested by a number of our users.  Keep all of your supporting records, reports and calculations for both returns together in this file and make use of the handy job management tools and Accountants Desktop templates included with the workbook.

    Calculations/2023/Returns – Individual

  • Working From Home Expenses (2023) (26 Jul 2023)

    This calculation is the Home Office Expenses workbook from 2022 but updated with an improved layout and expanded help.  It calculates the running expenses claimable where your client works from home, using the revised fixed rate and/or actual costs methods.   If applicable, it calculates occupancy (place of business) deductions for those self-employed or business owner clients or for those employee clients without an employer provided place to work.  It also inlcudes a handy business use calculator to calculate the proportion of expenses deductible based on floor area and time used.

    Calculations/2023/Working From Home

  • Property Investment Analysis (23 Jun 2023)

    Thanks to a request from one of our users, this calculator now allows you to analyse a potential property investment over any period from 1 to 10 years.

    Calculations/Budgets & Projections/Property Investment Analysis

  • FBT - Cars (2023) (6 Apr 2023)

    Our existing calculator has been updated to include the following new features –

    • There are now 2 options for calculating the cost price of a car for FBT purposes.  Calculate from the contract price and make reductions or enter the individual components;
    • The OWDV of a car and accessories added after purchase are now automatically calculated but you still have the option of entering your own calculation;
    • A new “days available for private use” calculator has been added; and
    • Information about calculating the benefit and using the workbook has been expanded.

    Calculations/2023/FBT – Cars

  • Tax Planning (2023) (6 Apr 2023)

    April is a good time to do some tax planning with your clients.  The 2023 version of our tax planning workbook has now been uploaded to the Calculations module.  Features include –

    • Project YTD profit to the end of the financial year using one of 3 options;
    • Explore tax planning measures to reduce the client’s taxable/net income;
    • View the marginal tax rates and income available at those rates for all related parties for tax-effective allocation of projected profit; and
    • Automatic calculation of tax payable by a large range of taxpayer types including Residents, Non-Residents and Minors, all with a combinations of MLS and/or HELP where applicable, as well as Seniors, Companies (standard & base rate), Super Funds (accumulation and pension phases) and Trusts.

    Calculations/2023/Tax Planning

  • Rental Income - Reconciliation (6 Mar 2023)

    Reconcile rental income and deductions from agent and client records with multiple rental income schedules on the client’s tax return.

    Calculations/2022/Rental Income – Reconciliation

  • JobPapers for Annual Accounts (5 Dec 2022)

    A new template calculation, Loan – Related Party, has been added to company, trust, partnership and sole trader JobPapers.


  • Loan - Related Party (3 Dec 2022)

    Amortise a related party loan, calculate daily interest, closing balance and payout amount.
    Replaces Interest – Related Party.

    Calculations/2022 & 2023/Loan – Related Party

  • Foreign Income Tax Offset (30 Nov 2022)

    Convert foreign income, deductions and tax paid to AUD, calculate the offset limit and amount claimable.

    Calculations/2022/Foreign Income Tax Offset

  • Lodgement Manager – Returns (23 Oct 2022)

    Now manage lodgement of client returns in an interactive dashboard using up to 3 user-defined reporting levels.

    Calculations/2022/Lodgement Manager – Returns

  • Interest - Related Party (10 Oct 2022)

    Calculate interest on a related party loan.

    Calculations/2022 & 2023/Interest – Related Party

  • CGT - Discount (1 Aug 2022)

    Calculate the CGT discount percentage for an individual with periods of foreign ownership.  This is a stand-alone version of the calculation in CGT – Property.

    Calculations/2022 & 2023/CGT – Discount

  • CGT - Property (13 Jul 2022)

    Now calculating the CGT discount for periods of non-residency.

    Calculations/2022/CGT - Property

  • CGT - Small Business Concessions (13 Jun 2022)

    Determine your client's eligibility for the small business CGT concessions and calculate the gain.  This Q & A style calculator includes the following –

    • Answer questions to test basic eligibility as well as eligibility for each of the 4 concessions
    • Calculate aggregated turnover
    • Calculate net asset values
    • Identify CGT concession stakeholders
    • Show results for the significant individual and 90% tests
    • Calculate the gain
    • Use your own order for claiming each concession
    • Handy tracing calculator

    Use this calculator either before the event for tax planning purposes or after the event to complete the client’s income tax return.

    Calculations/2021 and later

  • Tax Planning 2022 (7 Mar 2022)

    For any entity type –

    • Project annual profit from part-year accounts
    • Adjust profit for tax reconciliation items and calculate taxable/net income
    • Deduct tax planning measures
    • Add names and other income of all related parties
    • Calculate marginal tax rates (MTR) and income available at that rate for both the client and related parties
    • Allocate taxable/net income and/or make deductible payments to related parties tax effectively using MTRs and income available at that rate

    Video (13:08)
    Calculations/Year/Tax Planning

  • FBT - Cars (25 Nov 2021)

    Use this calculator in place of FBT JobPapers if you just want to calculate the taxable value of a car fringe benefit.

    Calculations/2021/FBT – Cars
    Calculations/2022/FBT – Cars

  • PAYG, GST & FBT Instalment Variations (20 Nov 2021)

    Calculate and keep together all variations to PAYG, GST or FBT instalments for the year.  These are stand-alone versions of the sheets included with our new BAS Jobpapers below.

    Calculations/2022/FBT Instalment Variation
    Calculations/2022/GST Instalment Variation
    Calculations/2022/PAYGI Variation - Company
    Calculations/2022/PAYGI Variation - Individual

  • BAS JobPapers (14 Nov 2021)

    All new Jobpapers for activity statements are now available for the year ended 30 June 2022.  Their features include -

    • Same look and feel as the annual accounts jobpapers;
    • Same job management tools as the above for each period during the year;
    • Keep all BAS reports and working papers for the entire year in one file;
    • Prepare GST reconciliations;
    • Calculate variations to GST, PAYG & FBT instalments;
    • The BAS summary included is automatically updated as you go along; and
    • At EOFY, just 2 clicks to copy the BAS summary from there to the Annual Accounts Jobpaper file.

    Calculations/2022/Jobpapers - BAS

  • New Video - CGT Worksheets (25 Oct 2021)

    See a demonstration of our CGT worksheets covering the sale of property, shares and cryptocurrency.

    Main Menu/Videos

  • New Video - Hire Purchase (22 Sep 2021)

    See a demonstration of the different hire purchase calculators available.

    Main Menu/Videos

  • Query Sheet (22 Sep 2021)

    This new Microsoft Word version of our query sheet now contains a table for queries and responses which can be copied directly into your email to the client.

    Forms/Query Sheet

  • Account Summary (14 Aug 2021)

    Summarise and reconcile any bank, credit card or loan account.

    Calculations/2021/Account Summary

  • Updated Lodgement Manager – Returns (9 Aug 2021)

    Now import an ATO “All Clients” return lodgement report along with a client manager report from your system to manage practice obligations for lodgement of client income tax returns. With just 3 clicks to load the information to the dashboard, you will be able to slice and dice the data to view all desired combinations of returns and managers.

    Calculations/2021/Lodgement Manager – Returns

  • Updated Lodgement Manager - BAS (4 Aug 2021)

    Now import an ATO not-lodged activity statement report along with a BAS manager report from your system to manage practice obligations for lodgement of client activity statements.  With just 3 clicks to load the information to the dashboard, you will be able to slice and dice the data to view all desired combinations of activity statements and managers.  Now comparing BAS manager performance.

    Calculations/2021/Lodgement Manager – BAS

  • Division 7A Loan Register (25 Jul 2021)

    If you have a company with multiple year loans to multiple borrowers and want a summary to reconcile with your general ledger, use this register to paste the relevant figures in the amortisation summary from each file and all loans will be displayed in an interactive dashboard.

    Calculations/Division 7A

  • Blackhole Expenditure (18 May 2021)

    Use this workbook to write off over 5 years certain business capital expenditure ("blackhole expenditure") not denied by some other provision. See immediate deductions for small & medium businesses below.

    Eligible Costs
    1. Establishing a company or other business structure
    2. Converting your business structure to a different structure
    3. Raising equity for your business
    4. Defending your business against a takeover
    5. Unsuccessfully attempting a takeover
    6. Stopping carrying on business (including liquidating a company).

    Small & Medium Businesses
    Note that from 1 July 2015, a start-up company, trust or partnership can immediately deduct a range of professional expenses associated with starting a new business, such as professional, legal and accounting advice.

  • JobPapers Update (30 Mar 2021)

    We have commenced progressively releasing our new JobPaper collection of Excel workbooks, all included under your current annual subscription.

    A JobPaper is an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets, template calculations and a dashboard designed for use in a specific job type in your practice. Each JobPaper has its own built-in menu for easy navigation.

    When used in conjunction with a PDF copy of client records and a PDF editor, a JobPaper forms an essential part of a paperless platform for managing and completing a job in your practice, all contained in one file and saved in your document management system for easy retrieval.

    In addition to including the relevant Accountants Desktop template calculations for the job type, each workbook also comes with checklists for job procedures and pre and post job admin tasks (all customisable), a to do list, a queries sheet, sheets for file notes and job-related communications, a dedicated records sheet, as well as several worksheets for specific tax and accounting reports and calculations. All in one file!  At the end of the workbook there are blank worksheets to use for any other purpose.

    The following JobPapers have now been released –

    * 2020 annual accounts for a company
    * 2020 annual accounts for an SMSF
    * 2020 annual accounts for a partnership or sole trader
    * 2020 annual accounts for a trust
    * 2021 FBT
    * Sundry job (any other job not covered by a specific JobPaper)

    The final stage of our JobPaper collection is expected to be released in May/June and will include the following 2021 JobPapers:

    * BAS for a company
    * BAS for a trust
    * BAS for a partnership
    * BAS for a sole trader

    If you want some suggestions on working without paper in an accounting practice and see how JobPapers can form an integral part of that process, check out our short video on YouTube here.  Links to videos with Adobe and Excel tips will be released with the JobPapers.

  • Tax Planning Workbooks Rolled Forward to 2021 (21 Feb 2021)

    Project annual profit, estimate taxable income and calculate tax payable by the business and their owners for 2021. Explore ways to defer or save tax.  Separate workbooks for companies and non-companies.


  • Rental Income – Private Use (19 Feb 2021)

    Summarise rental income and expenses and calculate tax deductible amounts for a property with private use (e.g. Airbnb).  Enter the floor areas of the property and income producing area along with the period or total nights used for private and income producing purposes for automatic calculation of the deductible amounts.

    Calculations/2020 & 2021

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We have been using the lodgment dashboard in the 2022 financial year, and it really has been a wonderful tool, so thank you.

Lyn Williamson

Reporting & Compliance Manager, DLA Partners
Thank you.  BTW, enjoying your workpapers.    Using the AccountsCompany2022 – VERY good.  Congratulations.

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Thanks Dennis. You have done more than enough – we really appreciate your effort on this. We love the CGT spreadsheet and use it quite often so this is great 

Vicki Zambelli

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We need to thank you for your fantastic product, we use a little something from your website each and every day!

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Abacus Taxation Services, Qld
I finally have my own login, after all these years.  So excited!  I love your website! The available tools and resources make working in an accounting practice effortless!

Rosanna Felicetti

FinCare Accounting
BTW I really really like these working papers! If I can do this without the training – imagine with training – it’s a brilliant spreadsheet

Alicia Adams, Sunshine Coast

(on our new JobPapers)
I have been using Accountants Desktop since its inception and have found this website to be a most valuable tool in my armory for the many and varied aspects involved in a public practice. From spreadsheets to interview forms, quick links to the “recent updates”, rates, calculations and the library. This website is constantly updated with latest ATO information and I feel more than comfortable in recommending such a superior font of knowledge for any level of person in the accounting arena.

Genelle Nash, Sydney

Thanks for that – I love this worksheet – along with so many of the others that you have.

Coral Page, Principal

Knox Taxation and Business Advisory
I have been using Accountants Desktop for over 6 years and it has been invaluable to my business. The information, links and spreadsheets have helped my staff and myself tenfold over the years; it has simplified our processes and helped us produce accurate work every time using their forms/spreadsheets. I would thoroughly recommend Accountants Desktop to any accountant or bookkeeping business and I can’t thank Dennis @ Accountants Desktop enough for the support and his wonderful website.

Samantha Sharp

Guardian Bookkeeping & Training
Thanks Dennis. Keep up the good work – love the website.

Andrew McManus

HLV Partners
I have been using Accountants Desktop for the last few years. As a sole practitioner I am very time poor, and I’m always looking for ways to make my practice a more efficient one. Accountants Desktop has been able to assist me with working papers (via excel), staff checklists and a quick view to look up important rates. Why re-create the wheel and make worksheets from scratch, download one of the many Accountants desktop excel working papers. The subscription is worth every cent.

Nathan Rigney

NGR Accounting
I have recently purchased a subscription to your website and I love it. I think you provide an enormous value for the price tag – thankyou. I have previously used the (name removed) workpapers and am slowly changing over to yours. There are a few things your workpapers do much better (your Div7a workpaper is awesome). There are also a few features in the (name removed) workpapers which I find myself missing in some of your versions. Do you have an avenue for feature requests or suggestions? Thanks again for all of your great work.

Angela Roberts

Senior Accountant (BCom), OOL Accounts
Thank you so much for providing such a great resource. As a sole practitioner I have found the resources you provide of immense help over the years.

Rosie Squibb BCom MAppTax

CA SMSF Specialist
Love your work Dennis. Your service is excellent. THANK YOU. Paul

Paul Bailey B. Bus. (Accounting) FIPA, FFA

Registered Tax Agent, ASIC Registered Agent, Principal, Northern Beaches Accountants

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