Division 7A Unsecured Loans 2024

Manage the Division 7A loan obligations for a client who takes out an unsecured loan with a private company on or before 30 June 2024 under a written agreement with a maximum payment period of 7 years.  The package includes the following 3 Excel files – Division 7A Calculator 2024 Division 7A Loan Register 2024 Distributable Surplus Calculator 2024 Warning: these files are not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2016 and earlier.

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$1,295.00 P.A. for 5 users!
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  • Unlimited use within your practice
  • All updates to files after purchase
  • Use for the life of the loan
  • Written agreement included with the file
  • Calculate min repayments each year
  • Calculate loan balances & actual interest
  • Calculate any deemed dividends
  • Forgive any part of the debt
  • Calculate payout at any time
  • Amortise at your own interest rate
    (Division 7A calculations unaffected)
  • Loan register for multiple loans
  • Distributable surplus calculator

Settings Sheet Preview

Agreement Included With Workbook

Annual Transactions Sheet Preview

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