Annual Accounts For 2024

Our working paper solution for your accounting jobs for the year ended 30 June 2024 is a Microsoft Excel file which can be used for any entity type.  It is packed with features and saved in your document management system with other client records for easy access.  Warning: this file is not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2019 and earlier.  For more information, read on and go to our YouTube channel (link below) to see an overview and detailed instructions on using JobPapers as well as a brief tour of our website.

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$1,295.00 P.A. for 5 users!
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  • Unlimited use within your practice
  • All updates to files after purchase
  • One file for all entity types
  • Work without paper
  • View in multiple windows
  • Use any blank cell
  • Import Excel data
  • Paste screen shots
  • Insert ticks and crosses
  • Insert text boxes and callouts
  • Sheets to manage your job
  • Sheets to store information
  • 27 calculation templates pre-loaded

Managing Your Job

  • Admin Pre & Post Job
  • Procedures checklist
  • Review
  • To Do
  • Queries
  • Emails
  • File Notes
  • Client Records

Storing Information

  • Trial balance
  • Profit & loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Notes to the accounts
  • General ledger
  • Payroll
  • Suspense account
  • ATO Portal revenue summary
  • ATO Portal income tax account
  • ATO Portal ICA
  • ATO Portal FBT account
  • Activity statements
  • GST reports
  • 30 unprotected DIY sheets

Sheet Preview – Dashboard

Sheet Preview – Procedures Checklist – Company

Sheet Preview – BAS Summary

(C) – Companies | (I) Sole Traders | (P) – Partnerships | (S) – SMSFs | (T) Trusts

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