Hire Purchase Schedules 2022

Calculate interest, borrowing expenses and EOFY balances on a hire purchase loan taken out during the 2022 financial year. Additional calculators will calculate interest on an early payout and summarise multiple hire purchase contracts for consolidated balances.  The package includes the following 6 Excel files –

  • Hire Purchase – Monthly 2022
  • Hire Purchase – Fortnightly 2022
  • Hire Purchase – Weekly 2022
  • Hire Purchase – Structured 2022
  • Hire Purchase Early Payout 2022
  • Hire Purchase Summary 2022

Warning: this file is not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2016 and earlier.

For more information, read on and watch our 2 videos below to see a demonstration of using our hire purchase calculators as well as a brief tour of our website.


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Hire Purchase Schedules
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