Capital Gains Tax 2022

Our CGT calculators are designed for those not so straightforward disposals during the year ended 30 June 2022.  This package includes the following 5 Excel files –

  • CGT Small Business Concessions 2022
  • CGT Property 2022
  • CGT Shares 2022
  • CGT Cryptocurrency 2022
  • CGT Discount 2022

Warning: these files are not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2019 and earlier. 

For more information, read on and watch our 3 videos below for a demonstration of each workbook as well as a brief tour of our website.


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Small Business Concessions

  • Q & A style to determine eligibility
  • Test for basic eligibility
  • Active asset test
  • 15 year exemption
  • Retirement exemption
  • Small business rollover
  • Calculate aggregate turnover
  • Calculate net asset values
  • Identify CGT concession stakeholders
  • Test for significant individual
  • 90% test for interposed entities
  • Calculate the gain
  • Choose order for claiming concessions
  • Handy tracing calculator

Property Disposal by an Individual

  • Adjustments to cost
  • Main residence exemption
  • Business use of main residence
  • CGT discount where periods of non-residency
  • Calculate tax payable

Shares & Cryptocurrency

  • Sell multiple parcels in one sale
  • Enter ROC to calculate cost
  • Calculate cost per unit/share
  • Choose sale items for best tax outcome
  • Calculate balance details after part sale
  • Calculate gain or loss per sale and overall
  • Prepare list of holdings at EOFY for next year

CGT Discount

Calculate the CGT discount for an individual with periods of foreign residency.

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CGT Small Business Concessions
CGT on Property, Shares & Cryptocurrency
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