Property Investment Analysis 2023

Use this workbook to advise your client on the taxation impact of a proposed property acquisition by up to 4 individuals, companies or SMSFs.  Calculate before and after tax cashflow (for affordability), investment yield and return and equity after 10 years.  To ensure correct tax calculations, this workbook cannot be used after 30/06/2023.

Warning: this file is not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2019 and earlier.

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  • Use between 01/07/2022 & 30/06/2023
  • Pre-tax cashflow
  • After-tax cashflow (for affordability)
  • Gross & net rental yield
  • Projected equity after 10 years
  • IRR over 10 years if not sold
  • IRR over 10 years if sold
  • Use for individuals, companies & SMSFs
  • Allow one income change per owner
  • Account for revenue & capital losses
  • Allow one refinance over the 10 yr period
  • SMSFs go into pension mode any year
  • Stress test by changing assumptions
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