Lodgement Dashboards 2022

These unique workbooks will put you in complete control of your lodgement obligations.  The data can be loaded in just a few minutes and your dashboard will show all of your lodgement information for your income tax returns or BAS as well as a ranking of client manager performance to see which staff may need help.  The package includes the following 2 Excel files –

  • Lodgement Manager – Returns for 2022
  • Lodgement Manager – Activity Statements Outstanding

Warning: these files are not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2019 and earlier.

For more information, read on and watch our 2 videos below to see a demonstration of using our lodgment dashboards as well as a brief tour of our website.


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Both Dashboards

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited users within your practice
  • Unlimited product updates
  • Just a few minutes to import data
  • Import ATO lodgement report
  • Import client manager report
  • Dashboard loaded with data for analysis
  • Drill down to see the returns or BAS
  • Individual managers can view their own data
  • Optionally import client contact details

Income Tax Returns

  • Summarise clients by entity type
  • Lodgement peformance for all clients
  • Lodgement performance by entity type
  • Due date analysis
  • 85% on time projections
  • Lodgement summary for prior 3 years
  • Analysis of client manager performance

Activity Statements

  • Summarise not lodged forms by entity type
  • Analyse outstanding lodgements by period
  • Due date analysis for all activity statements
  • See top 20 clients outstanding by number
  • Display not lodged forms by manager
  • View outstanding lodgements by responsibility (practice, client or lodge if varying amount)

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