Activity Statements for 2023

JobPapers: taking the work out of workpapers

Our working paper solution for your activity statement jobs for the year ended 30 June 2023 is a single Microsoft Excel file packed with features and saved in your document management system with other client records.  This package includes the following 3 Excel files –

  • BAS – Company 2023
  • BAS – Partnership or Trust 2023
  • BAS – Sole Trader 2023

Warning: these files are not compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2016 and earlier.

For more information, read on and watch our 2 videos below to see an overview on using our BAS JobPapers as well as a brief tour of our website.


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  • Work without paper
  • View in multiple windows
  • Use any blank cell
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  • Insert ticks and crosses
  • Insert text boxes and callouts
  • Sheets to manage your job
  • Sheets to store information
  • 12 of our calculation templates pre-loaded
  • All financial year records together

Stay in Control

Sheets to monitor and manage your job

  • Procedures
  • To Do
  • Queries
  • Emails
  • File Notes
  • Client Records

Keep Everything Together

Sheets for storing information

  • GST reports
  • Payroll reports
  • PAYG instalment reports
  • FBT reports
  • Integrated client account
  • Activity statements
  • DIY sheets


Accountants Desktop templates pre-loaded

  • Asset Acquisition
  • BAS Summary
  • Blank Calculations Sheet
  • FBT Car Benefits
  • FBT Instalment Variation
  • FBT Reportable Benefits
  • GST Worksheet
  • GST Instalment Variation
  • GST Reconciliation
  • Instalment Income Calculator (P & T)
  • PAYG Instalment Calculations
  • PAYG Instalment Variations

P – Partnerships T – Trusts

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BAS JobPapers
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